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W rcbomb
Radio controlled bomb
Alternate name(s) RC bomb
Price N/A
Usage Blowing up targets

The radio controlled bomb is a piece of equipment exclusive to Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes


It is a device used to blow up enemy equipment as well as obstacles. As many as 5 RC bombs can be carried at once. It can only be used in Radio controlled bomb zones.

It is possible to plant multiple RC bombs at a single time. The player can click the right mouse button by default, which will make the character holster his controller and prepare another bomb. Most of the time however, the player only needs to plant one bomb at a time. (The only time where the player can plant 2 RC bomb at the same time is in Rise Hard, where the player can plant 2 RC bomb on a M2 Browning Machine Gun)

Like many explosives, the RC bomb can harm the player as well as NPCs. Therefore, the player and his allies/hostages should be at a safe distance before detonating the bomb. Despite being an explosive weapon, it has inferior damage compared to most other explosive weaponry and has a delay before it explodes. As such, it is not advised to use them as traps for enemies.


Once the player reaches a Radio controlled bomb zone, the RC bomb icon will appear. Select the RC Bombs, place a bomb on the target (primary fire), take cover, and press the primary fire key again. The bomb will detonate and the target will blow up.

Lost CauseEdit

There are several points in the compound area that the player needs to use the RC bombs to clear pathways.

Secret WarEdit

An RC bomb was used by Yuri of the Russian Spetsnaz squad to open an unresponsive door. When he is killed later on in the mission, the player is ordered by the Commander to retrieve his equipment.

On the way to the commander, there's a blast door that's locked and require the RC Bomb to detonate it in order to open the door that lead to the control room and bottom of the rockt. Upon meeting the commander, the player must plant an RC bomb on the missile fuselage and then give the detonator to the commander (by pressing E on commander).

Drug LabEdit

5 RC Bombs are used in this mission to destroy 5 drug-processing machines. It's only mission where all 5 RC Bombs are used.

Rise HardEdit

RC Bombs are used to destroy obstacles and Mounted Machine Guns to allow reinforcements to arrive.


  • The game file name for this item is rcontrolbomb.
  • The concept of the RC bomb could have been reused from the Satchel Charge in Half-Life.
  • The bomb model is reused in Counter-Strike Online in several operations. However, it is not used the same way as in Deleted Scenes. The user needs to press [E] to the bomb and wait for it to detonate.


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