Hud rcontrolbomb ds
Radio controlled bomb zone
Game(s) Csczds t
Used for Using the Radio controlled bomb
The radio controlled bomb zone is a zone where an RC Bomb is deployed and detonated in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes. When reached, a luminescent icon representing a Radio controlled bomb will appear. It will be red if the player is not wielding the device, and green if he is.


It is often used to clear blocked paths or to destroy enemy equipment or targets.


Secret War

Yuri, a hacker and demolition expert of the Spetsnaz team, uses his RC bombs to open an unresponsive door. Later in the mission, he is killed and the player must acquire his equipment.

Before the player reunites with his commander, one of the inoperable blast doors is blocking the player's path. He must use a RC bomb to destroy the doors in order to progress further.

After the player reunites with his commander, he is ordered to place a RC bomb on the missile fuselage and give the detonator to the commander.

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