Radio zone
Radio zone
Game(s) Csczds t
Used for Using the Radio
The Radio zone is an area used in several missions in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. where the player can use their radio. When reached, a luminescent icon representing it will appear. If not welding the device, it will glow red. If welding it, it will glow green.


The radio is mostly used to call in for fellow teammates to move in, to notify targets, and to confirm allied presence in an area.


  • Counter Terrorist Training - used in the special equipment section
  • Lost Cause - At first, this is placed to confirm location of the hostages. Second, at the evac point, to call in CNC to get the hostages out.
  • Miami Heat - Used in the battle where the player calls in the rest of his SWAT teammates to attack.
  • Rise Hard - Used to confirm the civilian contact if he was alive (found dead).
  • Truth in Chaos - Used to notify CNC of the VX Containers for the Hazmat team.
  • Alamo - Used to call in for air support and extraction in the finale.

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