Creator(s) Josh Jeffcoat
Game(s) Cscz t (cut)
Scenario Training
Range (cs_range)[1] was a training map that was featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero during its development.


The map functioned as the training map in Gearbox Software's version of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and was not playable online.[2][3] The difficulty of the single player campaign would be adjusted according to how well the player performed in this training map.[4]

Since the player functioned as a squad leader in the single player mode of the game, the training had a context where the player was trying out the training program to ensure it provided quality training for other squad members.[5]

An instructor providing training instructions was likely to be present in the map.[6] There was a large shooting range present in the map,[7] where the player was to be taught how to use the different weapons.[2] The player was also to be taught how to control squad members via radio communication.[4] Hostage rescue was also likely covered; this is suggested by the prefix of the map.


Range was designed by Josh Jeffcoat when Gearbox Software was developing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.[7] To create the training map, Jeffcoat used the map Shoothouse as a base and expanded the map.[7]

When development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was handed over to Ritual Entertainment, they created new hostage rescue and bomb defusal training maps featured in Counter-Strike (Xbox). Thus, the training map designed by Gearbox was presumably scrapped.


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