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Cz recoil large
Deleted Scenes Mission
Previous MissionN/A
Next MissionLost Cause
Setting05:34 HOURS
Hostile urban environment
Blackhawk crash site, Northern Africa
Counter-Terrorist AgencyU.S. Navy SEAL
Terrorist Faction(s)Elite Crew
OverviewAn Army Blackhawk has been shot down. Casualties are certain, however there are survivors. It is imperative that any survivors be retrieved and escorted to the evacuation point.
Main objectivesLocate the Delta Force operative.
Make your way to the extraction point.

CNC this is Redtail 5, we are hit and we're going down, repeat this is Redtail 5 going down.
Recoil is the first mission in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. After survivng a catastrophic helicopter crash, the player is forced to travel throughout the immediate surroundings. Along his way to the extraction point, the player fights Elite Crew members and saves a recently captured Delta Force Sniper. The plot and setting appear to be Black Hawk Down-inspired. Both the mission and the movie contain a chopper sustaining a direct hit from a rocket-propelled grenade within the African continent.


During the opening cutscene, the player is revealed to be flying inside of a hostile environment for unexplained reasons. Seemingly quiet, the player and the rest of the crew approach the drop point. Shortly after the pilot announces their arrival, the co-pilot spots an RPG from the east. Unable to evade, the craft receives a severe blow. Moments later, the helicopter crashes inside of the dense urban settlement. After searching through the vicinity, the player acknowledges himself as the sole survivor of Redtail 5. CNC quicky accesses the situation and reports back. Nearby, Ranger Team Bravo Three is contacted and awaiting the player's arrival. Within seconds of the crash, hostile insurgents converge upon the player's area. After traveling throughout the region, the player comes across a captured Delta Force sniper. Somehow, the sniper knows of the crash and recognizes the player as a member of Redtail 5. As the two soldiers move closer to the extraction point, waves of terrorists close upon their position. Eventually, the pair stop near a tower complex. The sniper orders the player to seek out the evacuation point. Until that time, the Delta Force member will position himself inside the tower. While the player reaches the friendlies one street over and clears the LZ of opposition, the sniper's location is discovered by the terrorists. The fundamentalists quickly take the man and hold him hostage. Once again, the player is tasked with rescuing him from Elite Crew members. CNC alerts the couple of the dust-off's arrival. The two double back with guns blazing. Within no time, the survivors secure the rendezvous point and are extracted.

Weapons & equipment


Name Ammunition Amount
Knife 1
KM .45 Tactical 12/72
Maverick M4A1 Carbine 30/90
Kevlar vest 1

Obtainable weapons

Name Ammunition Amount
Night Hawk .50c 7/28
M60 100/0

Obtainable equipment

Name Ammunition Amount
HE grenade 4
Smoke grenade 1
RC bomb 5
Kevlar vest 2


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  • Three individual maps are used to create this mission.
  • The file name for this mission is "cz_recoil".
  • Six weapons can be seen during the introduction, none of which are available to the player: two D3/AU-1s, two Leone YG1265 Auto Shotguns, one Schmidt Scout, and one 228 Compact.
  • On the world map, the mission appears to take place in central Africa rather than northern Africa.

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