Pilot: CNC, this is Redtail 5. We're approaching the drop point... area looks quiet.

Co-pilot: RPG from 3 o' clock, evade!

Pilot: Mayday, mayday, this is Redtail 5, we've been hit and are going down! Redtail 5 is going down!



[05:34 HOURS]

[Crash site, Northern Africa]

CNC: Redtail 5, respond! Any surviving members of Redtail 5, be advised, multiple hostiles are inbound to your position. Ranger Team Bravo Three is close to your location. Move away from the crash site and rendezvous with Bravo team immediately!

CNC: Repeat. Redtail 5, you need to leave the crash area and rendezvous with Bravo Team!

CNC: Redtail 5, you need to move, buster!

Delta Force Sniper: So, someone really did survive that mess...

Delta Force Sniper: Shit! CNC's reporting that multiple hostiles are converging on this position, we can't stay here any longer.

Delta Force Sniper: Alright, grab any gear that you need. We're the last ones in this area. Let's move out and rendezvous with the rest of the team two blocks over at the extraction point.

Delta Force Sniper: We need to beat feet before the whole city rolls us over.

Delta Force Sniper: Move on ahead, I'm going in that tower to hold this position. The evac point should be one street over, get going.

CNC: Redtail 5, be advised, dust-off aborted due to heavy fire at the LZ. Until that area is cleared of hostiles the helos can't make it in.

CNC: Good work Redtail, extraction team is inbound.

CNC: Redtail, we've lost contact with your Delta operator. Return to his last known position and assess the situation. Repeat, contact with Delta sniper has been lost. We have a possible rescue situation.

Delta Force Sniper: Thanks. Next time we're out on the town, the tabs on me.

CNC: Redtail, dust-off has arrived. Repeat, the extraction team has arrived. Get back there buster, hostile forces are closing fast.

CNC: Good work Redtail, extraction bring 'em home

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