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Defuserhud csgo
Rescue kit
Alternate name(s) Kit
Price $400
Usage Decreasing hostage rescue time
Used by Counter-Terrorist
Hotkey B-5-4 CT
Entity name item_defuser

The Rescue kit is equipment exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was added with the March 21, 2013 update.

When equipped in the player's inventory, the kit speeds up the process of picking up a hostage, reducing the pickup time from four seconds to one second.


  • The rescue kit has the same world model as the defuse kit.
  • It uses the same entity as well as the defuse kit.
  • Unlike the defuse kit, the rescue kit is not automatically given to the player in Casual matches.
  • Bots never purchase this item, but can retrieve a dropped rescue kit if it is within the bot's path.

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