A group of SAS operatives (including the player) are sent to a nearby high rise by helicopter. As ordered through the mission briefing, the player must sneak into the building while the other operatives provide cover. Once inside the building, the player has been detected by the Terrorists. After traveling some areas of the high rise, the player will find RC Bombs.


After reporting through the radio, the player is ordered to bomb the Terrorist security control and the gun pods. As the pods are being destroyed, the SAS operatives start to strike down the building from the ground level. Most of the combat here takes place in tight-spaced cubicles, so pack a shotgun.

Elevator climb

The player then uses an elevator to get to upper floor. However, terrorists stopped the elevator midway between floors. The player must get out from stuck elevator and climb his way up using ladders.

"Pick that knife, you fool!"

When the player reaches the highest level of the skyscraper, he's knocked out. The player wakes up and has no weapons and the Terrorist leader taunts the player and challenges him to a knife fight. Damaging him enough will make him flee; the player must quickly kill a Terrorist and grab his weapon and take the M60 near him for extra firepower.

"You cannot win!"

The player must disarm the C4 and the nuclear bomb armed. After that, terrorist leader threaten to detonate nuclear bomb with a remote. The player must use a RC bomb to destroy a pillar, which make the terrorist leader falls from skycrapper to his death.

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