Rigid Inflatable Boats
Affiliation GSG-9
Type Boat

The river boat is a vehicle utilized by the GSG-9 in the Deleted Scenes missions Lost Cause and Motorcade Assault. One also appears in Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Lake alongside a powerboat as props.


The RHIB Boat is an assault boat used to carry troops to areas where helicopters are unable to find a safe spot to land or rappel troops. The River boat can carry a few men and can carry the wounded as a MEDEVAC (MEDical EVACuation) boat (Motorcade Assault). Utilized by the Marine unit of the GSG-9, they used these to get hostages to safety (Lost Cause) and get wounded teammates and the player out (Motorcade Assault). They are usually small, have no armor, and no mounted weapon but it's fast and lightweight.


Lost Cause

Radio lostcause2

The player is on a recon mission. After the raid, two GSG-9 operatives tell the player to secure the evacuation point. But when the player arrived at the area, he saw the place guarded by a guard with a rocket launcher. After all threats in the whole compound is clear, the player then radios in for the rest of the team. Then, the rescue team appear and leave the area to safety via the river boats.

Motorcade Assault

Motor extraction team

The player is tasked to eliminate the VIP, but the situation then concludes horribly when they held off against the resistance, lost an operative, and the GIGN ground team is cut off. When the officer was hit by a sniper, he told the player to move on and will meet back at the evacuation point, but the player saw most of the GIGN ground team being slaughtered, save for 2 operatives that got out to safety. The survivors inform the player to get to the evacuation point.

After the player killed the target, CNC informed all teams to get to the evacuation point but due to the high number of enemies present,  the player has only a minute to get to the boat. When he gets there, the snipers pinned the evacuation team down. After all snipers have been eliminated, the mission is accomplished and the player with other operatives manage to evacuate via the river boats.

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