Gign tod
Cost 2
Primary weapon Xm1014hud cz
Secondary weapon Random
Skill Ok
Co-op Ok
Bravery High

Roger is a Counter-Terrorist bot in the Tour of Duty Campaign of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Roger is available in every difficulty like most of the other Counter-Terrorist bots. Two points are needed to hire him.


His skill is normal, which means he has a reaction time of 0.4 and can detect footsteps. When he spots an enemy target, Roger will hold his fire for 0.7 seconds to aim. He will spray bullets at close ranges, fires in one shot bursts at medium ranges, and at long ranges, he will switch to a pistol and engage assailants. When facing a sniper, he will strafe to avoid being hit.


Roger buys a Benelli XM1014 when his money is greater than $3000. If the XM1014 cannot be purchased, he will buy a M3 and followed by a UMP-45, MP5 Navy and a TMP.


Roger will not follow the player's commands. He likes to group up with other teammates if the CTs lost the previous round.


Roger is an aggressive bot. When he sees a teammate die, he will rush to the killer and start firing without any delay. He also does not retreat no matter how many enemies there are.

Voice Pitch

The voice pitch for Roger is 88, which means he has a very low voice.



  • All the data above is taken from the BotCampaignProfile.db.

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