Gsg9 tod
Cost 4
Primary weapon P90hud cz
Secondary weapon Random
Skill High
Co-op Good
Bravery Good

Rooster is a Counter-Terrorist featured in the Tour of Duty mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Rooster is available in every difficulty like most of the other Counter-Terrorist bots. Depending on the difficulty, there are different amounts of reputation points that are needed to unlock this bot:

  • Easy - 15 reputation points are needed.
  • Normal - 15 reputation points are needed.
  • Hard - 12 reputation points are needed.
  • Expert - Available from the beginning.


Rooster's skill is expert, which means he is 90% accurate when firing, and he has a reaction time of 0.2 seconds. Rooster is sensitive to footsteps and the direction of where weapons are being fired. He has no attack delay.

For close battle, he will aim for the head and spray bullets continuously. At medium range, he aims for the chest and fires three bullets in bursts while strafing. For long range, he will crouch and start firing. If a sniper is spotted, he will strafe frequently.

Weapon management

Rooster buys a P90 when his money is greater than $2350. If the P90 cannot be purchased, he will buy a TMP.


Rooster has good teamwork. He usually follows the player's commands and stays close to other teammates.


Rooster is an aggressive bot. When he sees a teammate dead in his view, he will go towards the killer and start firing. Small amount of enemies do not make him afraid unless a large group is present. After several seconds, he will strike back. In the bomb defusal maps, he likes to scatter around the map while in hostage rescue maps, he likes to strike first and rescue the hostages.


Rooster is a member of the German GSG-9.

Voice Pitch

The voice pitch for Rooster is 105, same as Kirk, which means he has quite a high voice pitch and talks faster.


  • All the data above are taken from the BotCampaignProfile.db.
  • Rooster's weapon template is Spray.



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