22:57 HOURS
Old Downtown
Tokyo, Japan


The player killed the Yakuza leader with a scoped Steyr Scout.

CNC: Book out of there now! He wasn’t alone! Repeat! Evacuate position immediately. Get to the rendezvous point now!

Keep moving

CNC: Do you have a death wish?! Get to the chopper!

CNC: Get moving! You’ve got multiple hostiles moving in on your position!

CNC: Get to the rendezvous point!

CNC: Helo is inbound for evac- move your feet!

Across gap

CNC: Friendlies at the evac point are running into opposition, you’re running out of time!

Chopper downed

CNC: Be advised, we’ve lost contact with dustoff.

CNC: Dustoff is down. Stand by for new evac position.

CNC: We have a truck relocating for secondary evac, keep going and you will run right into it.

CNC: The truck is in position. They will wait as long as they can.

CNC: Get moving! They can’t wait forever!

Terrorist: Eat after him!


Several minutes left

CNC: You’ve only got another minute before they have to leave.

Terrorist: We went that way!


Terrorist: Hurry! He's getting away!


Terrorist: Stop him!


Terrorist: Stop!


Terrorist: Get him!

Hostage: Get away from me!

Operative: Over here! The truck is over here!

Girl: I see one of them!

Girl: What do you think you're doing?! Get away from here, you pervert!

Operative: This way, hurry!


CNC: They can’t wait any longer- you’re on your own.


CNC: Sorry, the truck has left the evac position. You’re on your own


Operative: Glad you could make it. Let's go!


Run! by Todd "Mr.CleaN" Rose, level designer from Ritual Entertainment.

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