Russell Meakim
Russell Meakim
Born November 24, 1978
Nationality Usa flag American
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ The Castle
Not to be confused with Castle, a Community created Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map.

Russell Meakim Jr. is a level designer for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. He is the creator of several missions that appear in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.


Russell Meakim picked up level design at the age of 14 with Doom II.[1] Prior to getting employed in the games industry, Russell also created several maps for the Quake series and was involved with modding teams including Artemis Software and WireHead Studios.[2][3][4]

In late 2001, Russell Meakim got his first job in the games industry when he was hired by Ritual Entertainment.[5][6] When development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike (Xbox) was overtaken by Ritual Entertainment in August 2002, Russell contributed to the level design of the Counter-Strike series. He designed a total of four single-player missions for Condition Zero and also worked on some multiplayer content.[7] Russel also worked on many of the Xbox remakes of classic maps.[8]

Russell Meakim stayed at Ritual Entertainment until the company was acquired by MumboJambo.[1] Since then, he has worked at Nerve Software, Unknown Worlds and Digital Extremes.[9][10][11]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Building Recon Csczds t Level designer 2003
Rise Hard Csczds t Level designer 2003
Secret War Csczds t Level designer 2003
Thin Ice Csczds t Level designer 2003


Cz brecon11

A Easter egg black box that reads "The Castle Was HERE". In the mission Building Recon

  • All missions made by him will have a small Easter egg box that reads "The Castle Was HERE".


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