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For Queen and country, men!
―Round Start

Let's go fellas.
―Round Start

Let's show them who we are.
―Round Start

They're gonna wish they were never born.
―Round Start

Watch out! These boys have got a bit of an arsenal and they don't mind using it!
―Round Start

Let's have at it, mate!
―Round Start

Gear up, we aren't goin' for a windy walk here!
―Round Start

Are we rushin' in, or are we goin' sneaky-beaky like?
―Round Start

These fellas are gonna regret wakin' up this morning.
―Round Start

Remove any doubts in your head; it's us, or them.
―Round start

Remember, this isn't the killing house anymore, this is real life.
―Round start

Remember, this is bandit country. Shoot everything that moves.
―Round start

Pull yourself together, son!
―Friendly fire

Hey sonny, don't make me take that gun away from ya!
―Friendly kill

Weapons hot!
―In combat

Bingo, bango, bongo, bish, bash, bosh!
―Match won

Aww crap!
―Failing to disarm bomb

Too late, run!
―Failing to disarm bomb

That was a storm!
―Match Won

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Good Bye, My friend.
―When the bomb is about to explode

"Aw, sod it"
―When the bomb is about to explode

Let's have some meets!
―Round start

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