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This page lists all the quotes said by SEAL Team 6 in CS:GO.

Radio Commands Edit

Main article: Radio

Radio commands can be used by pressing the appropriate radio key.

Note that some commands are hidden, but can be enabled with modifications or console commands.

Cover Me Edit

"Cover me."
"Hold up, cover me."

You Take The Point Edit

"You lead."
"Lead the way."
"I'm on you."

Hold This Position Edit

"Hold this position."
"Cover this area."
"Hold up."

Regroup Edit

"Stick together."
"Form up."
"Pull yourselves together."
"Stay tight."

Follow Me Edit

"Follow me."
"Stack up on me."
"I'll lead."
"I'll take point."
"On me."

Taking Fire, Need Assistance Edit

"Under fire!"
"I'm under fire!"
"Contact, contact!"
"I'm in big trouble!"
"Taking fire!"

Go Edit

"Go, go, go!"
"Let's go, let's go!"
"Move it, move it!"
"Move it!"
"Let's go, let's go, let's go!"
"Push, push, push!"
"Let's move!"
"Let's roll."

Fall Back Edit

"Fall back!"
"Team, fall back!"
"Back, back!"
"Fall back now!"

Stick Together Edit

"Stick together."
"Pull yourselves together."

Cheer / Compliment Edit

"Woo-hoo, I like this!"
"Oh yeah!"
"Oh yeah, that's beautiful!"
"That is pristine!"
"The best of the best!"
"There's no stopping us!"
"Alright alright!"
"We got this!"
"I am fired up!"
"We're lighting them up!"
"That's all you got? Are you kidding me?"

Report In Edit

"Report in."
"Check in."

Thanks Edit

"Tango Mike."
"Thank you."
"Thanks a lot."

Roger / Affirmative Edit

"Roger that."
"That's a copy."

Enemy Spotted Edit

"Target spotted."
"Targets acquired."
"Have eyes on enemy."
"I've got movement."
"I see foot mobiles."
"I've got a visual on one."

Need Backup Edit

"I need support!"
"Need backup!"
"Need support now!"

Sector Clear Edit

"All clear."
"We're clear."
"Area clear."

I'm In Position Edit

"I'm in position."
"In position."

Reporting In Edit

"Reporting in."
"Checking in."

Get Out Of There, It's Gonna Blow! Edit

"Get back, get back, get back!"
"Get back!"
"Run, RUN!"
"Clear the area!"
"Get back now, clear the area!"
"Too late, run!"
"Oh crap..."

Negative Edit

"Uhh, no."
"That's a negative."

Enemy Down Edit

"Tango down."
"Got one."
"He's down."
"Dropped him."
"I dropped him."
"Got him."
"I got him."
"Bad guy down."
"Tango is down."

Special Commands Edit

These commands are said automatically in certain situations.

Round Start Edit

"Let's go."
"Grab your gear and let's go."
"He's down."
"Lock and load."
"Let's move out."
"Move out."
"Let's get this done."
"This day right here is where we end this."
"Alright gentlemen, this is it."
"Get ready, this is a free-fire zone."
"Let's go earn our pay."
"Time to earn our stories."
"Let's do this and get back in time for chow."
"We are Oscar Mike."
"Let's go have some fun."
"We are good to go."
"Let's go everyone."
"Stay frosty."

Round Win Edit

"Good job everyone!"
"Nice work, everyone!"
"Nice work people. Smoke 'em if you got 'em."
"That was like shooting fish in a barrel!"

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