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W spas12
Origin Italy flag Italy
Caliber 12 gauge caliber
Magazine capacity 8/32

The SPAS-12 was a placeholder weapon used during the development of Ritual's build of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (Deleted Scenes).[1]


  • The weapon was most likely a placeholder for the XM1014 as it is the only shotgun used by the AI in the final game.
  • The weapon is only seen in one of the earliest Ritual Entertainment trailers for Condition Zero. The AI either used the SPAS-12 or the MP5 SD.
  • Its model is a carbon copy of the original Half-Life's SPAS-12.
    • This also applies to the MP5 SD.
  • The only trace left of it is an unused model located in the Deleted Scenes' files. "urban.mdl" which is a model for an Arctic Avenger using Half-Life's HECU animations, most of which were probably placeholders.

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  1. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Trailer on

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