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Suv hlcs
SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)
Affiliation Civilian
Type SUV

The Sports Utility Vehicle, commonly abbreviated SUV, is a civilian vehicle that only appears in Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike Beta


In the Terrorist stronghold, this vehicle is found in a garage.


There are 2 SUVs in the map that serve as VIP escape zones.



The vehicle appears in the garage, where two of the four hostages are held captive.

In-game screenshots


The vehicles appears near the CT Spawn Zone.

In-game screeshots


The SUV appears within the parking lot. Note that it does not have the Black Mesa logo.


  • The vehicle's model is taken directly from Half-Life, which still has Black Mesa symbol on it.

External links

  • SUV at Wikipedia
  • SUV at Half-Life Wiki

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