Sandstorm 21:15 hours
Bagbah Chem. Factory
Bagbah, Ataq.

SAS Officer: We're going in to take out the biochem facility in Tall Huqa, this is a free-fire zone, an MBN, with no friendly presence, consider all personnel hostile, once you're detected, expect heavy resistance.

SAS Officer: Bollocks! Enemy air patrols, the path is too well guarded; Find a way to open that gate, we'll hold this position.

(If attempting to cross the wrong way)

SAS Operative: What are you doing?! You'll get us all nicked (screwed) for sure!

(Player gets a bad temper and forces his way)

SAS Officer: Stay back you berk (moron)! You have to find another way around.

(If player gets spotted, mission fails)

SAS Radio: You've been spotted! Abort! Abort!

(Player gets inside fighting and informed by CNC)

Sandstorm 1: Intruders!

CNC: Your mates are down, but since you made it inside the facility, just keep going. You must destroy the biochem storage tanks at all costs!

(Fire-fight scene)

CNC: You should be getting close to the biochem storage tanks. (Player recieves orders). Plant RC bombs on each of those biochem tanks and take cover.

(Explosion occurs and more fire-fight)

CNC: That scud launcher is likely to be armed with a chemical warhead. They're trying to move that scud launcher out.

(Player fights rebels and plants an RC bomb and destroys the Scud Launcher)

CNC: Good job lad, time to move! The mobility troop is waiting for you at the other end of that tunnel!


Sandstorm by Levelord, the level designer leader for Ritual Entertainment

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