Scud Launcher
Affiliation Elite Crew
Weapon Scud missiles
Type Artillery Carrier Truck

The Scud launcher is a Russian ballistic missile carrier/artillery only appearing in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes.


The Scud launcher is a dark green truck designed to deliver "Scud" missiles. Scud launchers are very plentiful in the Middle East and North Africa, which is why the Elite Crew managed to steal some. Scud launchers have no defenses because they are supposed to fire from a long distance.

In general, they play very minor roles in Deleted Scenes and will usually become destroyed at the order by the Counter-Terrorists to prevent causing further damage to potential targets at longer distances. Because these vehicles are unarmed with any kind of defense weapon, it cannot attack the player and it is often heavily guarded by large amount of Terrorists.

Appearances in Deleted Scenes

  • During the mission Recoil, a Scud Launcher appears very briefly before it is destroyed by a Harrier when the player arrives.
  • During the mission Sandstorm, a discovered Scud Launcher is required to be destroyed via a Radio-controlled Bomb to complete the mission.



  • In Sandstorm, a Scud launcher can also be destroyed by throwing an HE grenade underneath the area where the RC bomb must be planted. If done properly, the Scud will become destroyed even before the HE grenade detonates. Possibly, this occurs because the trigger for the destroy sequence is a breakable object which is composed of glass or metal, since they are automatically destroyed when hit by a grenade regardless of their current hit points.
    • This method will usually kill the player due to the large explosion radius unless the player is able to find cover. Despite this, the mission is still completed while being dead, as long as the player does not press any keys.
  • The Scud missile that the launcher carries is based on the early SS-1B Scud-A, or Russian designated R-11 "Zemlya" missile.
  • Many maps in Counter-Strike Online reuse the direct copy of this Scud Launcher model from Deleted Scenes, including the destroy animation.

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