The Shadow Case


The Shadow Case Key

The Shadow Case is a weapon case consisting of community weapons released as part of the September 18, 2015 update. It requires a Shadow Case Key to be opened and cannot be opened with a standard CS:GO Case Key.

The Shadow Case also has an exclusive chance to contain the Shadow Daggers.



  • The weapons selected for the Shadow Case were announced prior to the actual skins' choosing via a steam community post. This is the first time this was done publicly.[1]
    • This also allowed skin authors to solicit directly to be included in the upcoming case, much like what was already being done with operations.
    • Originally, the G3SG1 was going to be a covert weapon in this case but was later swapped with the USP-S.
  • On M249 Nebula Crusader, the six-digit score counter shown is located at the exact same location where the LED StatTrak counter is on the M249. The score counter would be perfectly covered by the LED StatTrak counter on a StatTrak™ M249 Nebula Crusader.[2]

Update History

September 18, 2015
  • Added to the game


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