Suppressor m4a1s
Alternate name(s) Suppressor
Price Free (bundled with weapons)
Usage Lowers the weapon's noise and muzzle-flash

A silencer, also known as a suppressor, is an applicable barrel extension. The silencer is mainly used to reduce the amount of noise, flash intensity and removed tracers produced when firing a weapon on top of providing additional advantages at the cost of certain disadvantages. 


A silencer appears as an applicable barrel extension that can be either grey, black or blue.

Few are the weapons that come with silencers. When available, they can be attached to said weapon with the alternate fire button (MOUSE2 by default).

As previously mentioned, the general advantage of suppressing a weapon is stealth as noise and flash intensity are reduced atop of having tracers removed. The additional advantages and disadvantages of suppressed weapons depend on the weapon itself and the game it's used.

Although the silencer is a signature Counter-Terrorist piece of equipment, Terrorists have used it on occasions as the KM .45 Tactical is available to either sides and that the Schmidt Machine Pistol is the Terrorist machine pistol in the Deleted Scenes. Global Offensive changed this, making the silencer a Counter-Terrorist exclusive after they were re-introduced.




  • Lowers the weapon's noise making it harder for enemies to detect the shooter's position.
  • Bundled with the weapon in question, requiring no additional purchase.
  • Increases damage for Maverick M4A1 Carbine. Cs t Csx t Cscz t Csczds t
  • Removes the muzzle flash. Css t Game icon 730
  • Already attached to the weapon. Game icon 730
  • Decreases recoil. Game icon 730


  • Attaching and detaching the silencer costs time, especially for the M4A1-S.
  • Increases damage fall off for the Maverick M4A1 Carbine.
  • Increases spread and recoil. Cs t Csx t Cscz t Csczds t
  • Lowers overall damage for the USP. Cs t Csx t Cscz t Csczds t Css t
  • Exposes the user when attempting to hide in a corner as the barrel can poke out of it. Css t Game icon 730


  • Remember that damage is greatly reduced for the USP and damage fall off increases for the M4A1 so be sure to only use it for close-ranged combat purposes or scoring headshots at longer ranges. Cs t Csx t Cscz t Csczds t Css t
  • The silencer should be removed for long ranges due to its accuracy penalty. Cs t Csx t Cscz t Csczds t
  • The silencer does not affect spread or recoil in Counter-Strike: Source, be sure to use it for the damage boost. Css t
  • Keep the silencer on as it greatly increases the accuracy and reduces the bullet spread of the USP-S and the M4A1-S to a greater scale. Removing the silencer will make these weapons less effective than their non-suppressed counterparts (the P2000 and the M4A4 respectively). Game icon 730
  • Remember that the firing rate of suppressed weapons is not altered in any way thus engaging users has the same level of danger even if they have removed the silencer(s).
  • The advantages included are the higher damage at close range for the M4A1 (Cs t) and increased stealth can allow the user to remain hidden and become harder to detect by enemies.
  • The silencer contrary to what its name may lead to think reduces firing noise rather than entirely remove it. Enemies close to you can still hear you, provided no other noise is covering it.
  • Silencers remove muzzle flashes produced by weapons when firing, which allow users to have an easier time in remaining hidden by other enemies at darker areas. However, bots are not affected by darkness and they can still see enemies clearly even at areas devoid of light.
  • If you suspect a large group of enemies nearby and are aware of your presence, you can either throw flashbangs and smoke grenades and fire your silenced weapons.
    • As flashbangs do not affect a player's hearing, it is crucial to act fast and disorientate enemies by firing at them. Cs t
  • Running, instead of walking will reduce the effectiveness of the silencer as enemies may hear you. As such, it is still best to walk/crouch walk when entering enemy territory.
  • During missions, enemies can still detect your presence even if you fire a suppressed weapon. Although the stealth advantage is lost, the damage boost can still be of use. Csczds t
  • Be sure to attach the silencer during freeze time or before you enter into combat since the attachment process takes time and leaves the player vulnerable to attack from enemies.
  • It is worth noting that silenced weapons do not provide enough advantages in open spaces, unless enemies are unaware or that the user is capable of landing headshots. (All but Game icon 730)
  • Bots in will randomly attach the silencer, making them quite unpredictable on their approach with the weapon in question. Css t
    • However, bots in previous games can predicted by their name. The name with front letter with odd sequence in alphabet (a,c,e etc.) will use the silencer, and even sequence (b,d,f etc.) will remove it.

Bugs & Exploits

  • Prior to Counter-Strike: Source, it was possible to suppress and un-suppress weapons significantly faster by starting the process then immediately switching to another weapon and back to the target weapon. This was best done by using the previous weapon button (Q by default) twice after the process was started.
    • Even though this exploit was removed in Counter-Strike: Source, the fix brought another issue. If every single frame of the suppressing/un-suppressing is not played and another weapon is selected, then the result would be null and void.
    • A rare glitch may also occur when picking the weapon of a player killed while attempting to suppress/un-suppress the weapon in which the new owner would play both animations in an infinite loop without being able to use the weapon.


  • Similarly to general media, the suppressor in the series is able to decrease the sound of gunfire to a great extent, almost making it quiet. In reality and contrary to popular belief, the silencer rather reduces the noise to around 160 db (equally to a Jet plane's engine noise) or 130 db to 140 db (equally as a Jackhammer or a chainsaw) which sounds louder than the "pew" noises depicted in-game.
  • Prior to Counter-Strike: Source weapons always had the suppressor in third person, regardless of whether or not it was on the actual weapon.
    • There was no third person attaching/detaching animations prior to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • The silencer is cosmetically different throughout the series.
  • The Schmidt Machine Pistol is the only weapon that uses a fixed silencer and the first weapon of the series to feature one.
  • The kill feed in most games always depict the silencer regardless of its suppression.
    • The Schmidt Machine Pistol is the exception as the silencer isn't depicted in any of its icons.
    • This changes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the kill feed accurately informs of the suppression state of the killer's weapons.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive did not feature any suppressed weapons at release. However, due to overwhelming fan support, Valve added both the USP-S and the M4A1-S. Unlike the previous installments, these weapons have lower ammunition reserves, magazine capacity (M4A1-S) and longer suppressor attach times.

Behind the scenes

  • The Schmidt Machine Pistol is the first suppressed weapon of the series appearing as early as the first beta. The Maverick M4A1 Carbine and K&M .45 Tactical's suppressors were only added in the next beta but akin to the original weapon, they were nondetachable.
  • The Schmidt Machine Pistol's icons in earlier versions of the Counter-Strike Beta always depicted with a silencer, that until the fifth version which removed the silencer from the HUD icons. Coencidentally, that was one patch before the suppressors for the Maverick M4A1 Carbine and K&M .45 Tactical became attachable. This suggests that the TMP was also intended to get that ability. The reason for the ability's omission is unknown.
  • The Global Offensive Beta's sound files featured unused suppressed firing sounds and suppressing/unsuppressing sounds for the M4A4. This suggests that the M4A4 either reused the M4A1's sound files or that the M4A4 itself was to have a suppressor.

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