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Skins are a new feature in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, introduced in the Arms Deal update. They are weapons with different textures, and are completely cosmetic, holding no gameplay function. However, their different colours and textures can be used as a slight tactical advantage or disadvantage in some circumstances.

To acquire a skin, one must either:

  1. Earn them through random drops by playing in online community and official servers.
  2. "Uncrate" them from opening weapon and promotional crates.
  3. Trading with other players. Buying skins from the Steam Market is considered a trade.

Also, some variants include a StatTrak device, a counter that shows the total amount of kills aquired with the weapon by the current owner.. Holding the [F] key (default) will allow the player to 'inspect' the gun in greater detail and allow you to gain a better view of your StatTrak counter.

Access to the inventory is unavailable when you are alive and after the warm-up in Competitive game modes for tactical imbalance reasons.

Weapon Quality

Weapons skins come in 7 different quality grades, generally signifying their rarity and value.

  • White (Common) - Consumer grade
  • Light blue (Uncommon) - Industrial grade
  • Darker blue (Rare) - Mil-spec
  • Purple (Mythical) - Restricted
  • Pinkish purple (Legendary) - Classified
  • Red (Ancient) - Covert
  • Gold (Exceedingly Rare) - ★ (Melee Weapons)

In the Steam Market and Inventory, all skins are in white with the exception of the knives in Purple, the StatTrak weapons in Orange, Souvenir weapons in Yellow, and self-made Prototype skins in Green.

Paint quality

Items come in a random paint quality when they are dropped or uncrated.
The paint quality hierarchy is the following, from worst exterior to best:

  1. Battle-Scarred
  2. Well-Worn
  3. Field-Tested
  4. Minimal Wear
  5. Factory New

There is currently no way to refresh the paint of a weapon.
Note also that a weapon will not degrade over time; a weapon skin will stay in that state forever.

Example: M4A4 Faded Zebra

1. M4A4 Faded Zebra
Factory New
YeeboAdded by Yeebo

2. M4A4 Faded Zebra
Minimal Wear
YeeboAdded by Yeebo

3. M4A4 Faded Zebra
Field Tested
YeeboAdded by Yeebo

4. M4A4 Faded Zebra
Well Worn
YeeboAdded by Yeebo

5. M4A4 Faded Zebra
Battle Scarred
YeeboAdded by Yeebo

Available skins

Maps based themes

The Assault Collection (7)

Caramel (UMP-45) Hot Rod (AUG)
Fade (Glock-18) Bulldozer (MP9)
Tornado (SG 553) Anodized Navy (Negev)
Added later (not pictured): Candy Apple (Five-SeveN)
Slide assault
The Assault Collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Aztec Collection (6)

Jungle Tiger (M4A4) Lichen Dashed (SSG 08)
Jungle (Five-SeveN) Ossified (Tec-9)
Forest Leaves (Nova) Jungle Spray (AK-47)
Slide aztec
The Aztec Collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Dust Collection (9)

Predator (AK-47) Palm (SCAR-20)
Copper (Sawed-Off) Desert Storm (M4A4)
Copperhead (AUG) Brass (Glock-18) Scorpion (P2000)
Blaze (Desert Eagle) Snake Camo (AWP)
Slide dust
The Dust Collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Inferno collection

Walnut (Nova) Tornado (M4A4)
Brass (Tec-9) Gunsmoke (P250)
Anodized Navy (Dual Berettas) Sand Dune (MAG-7)
Slide inferno
The Inferno Collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Militia Collection (11)

Splash Jam (SCAR-20) Modern Hunter (Nova)
Forest Leaves (PP-Bizon) Modern Hunter (PP-Bizon)
Blaze Orange (XM1014) Modern Hunter (P250) Tornado (MAC-10)
Blaze Orange (Nova) Grassland (XM1014)
Added later (not pictured): Grassland Leaves (P2000), Modern Hunter (M4A4)
Slide militia
The Militia Collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Office Collection (6)

Contrast Spray (FAMAS) Blizzard Marbleized (M249)
Whiteout (MP7) Silver (P2000)
Arctic Camo (G3SG1) Winter Forest (Galil AR)
Slide office
The Office collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Nuke Collection (9)

Fallout Warning (XM1014) Radiation Hazard (M4A4)
Fallout Warning (UMP-45) Irradiated Alert (PP-Bizon)
Fallout Warning (P90) Irradiated Alert (MAG-7)
Nuclear Threat (Tec-9) Nuclear Threat (P250) Irradiated Alert (Sawed-Off)
Slide nuke
The Nuke collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Vertigo Collection (6)

Black Laminate (AK-47) Carbon Fiber (PP-Bizon)
Urban DDPAT (MAC-10) Glacier Mesh (P90)
Demolition (Dual Berettas) Urban Perforated (XM1014)
Slide vertigo
The Vertigo collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Dust 2 Collection (15)

Desert Storm (G3SG1)              Snake Camo (Sawed-Off)

Sand Dune (P250)               Safari Mesh (AK-47)
Sand Mesh (SCAR-20)               Orange Peel (Five-SeveN)
Sand Spray (P90)                     Palm (MAC-10)
                                                 VariCamo (Tec-9)
   Sand Dashed (MP9)                  Brass (PP-Bizon)
                                              VariCamo (M4A1-S)

                                                  Damascus Steel (SG 553)

Predator (Nova)                         Amber Fade (P2000)

Dust2-2 collection
The Dust 2 Collection
TremauxAdded by Tremaux

The Italy Collection (15)

Groundwater (Tec-9)
Contractor (AUG)
Colony (FAMAS)
Sand Dune (Nova)
Sand Dashed (PP-Bizon)
Candy Apple (Nova)
Gunsmoke (UMP-45)
Granite Marbleized (P2000)
Stained (Dual Berettas)
Boreal Forest (M4A1-S)
CaliCamo (XM1014)
Candy Apple (Glock-18)
Anodized Navy (MP7)
Full Stop (Sawed-Off)
Pit Viper (AWP)

The Lake Collection (15)

Boreal Forest (P250)
Blue Spruce (XM1014)
Storm Front (AUG)
Sage Spray (Galil AR)
Waves Perforated (SG 553)
Jungle Dashed (G3SG1)
Blue Steel (XM1014)
Safari Mesh (AWP)
Mudder (Desert Eagle)
Cyanospatter (FAMAS)
Night Ops (PP-Bizon)
Anodized Navy (SG 553)
Night Ops (USP-S)
Teardown (P90)
Cobalt Quartz (Dual Berettas)

The Mirage Collection (15)

Bone Mask (P250)             Groundwater (Glock-18)      Hot Rod (MP9)
Contractor (Five-SeveN)    Orange Peel (MP7)             Blaze (UMP-45)
Colony (AUG)                    Tropical Storm (SSG 08)     Amber Fade (MAC-10)
Safari Mesh (G3SG1)        CaliCamo (Negev)               Bulldozer (MAG-7)
Scorched (P90)                 Gator Mesh (SG 553)
Hunting Blind (Galil AR)
The Mirage Collection
CashymodoAdded by Cashymodo

The Safehouse Collection (15)

Contractor (Dual Berettas)
Contractor (SCAR-20)
Blue Spruce (SSG 08)
Army Mesh (Tec-9)
Army Recon (MP7)
Forest Leaves (USP-S)
Condemned (AUG)
Orange Peel (MP9)
VariCamo (G3SG1)
VariCamo (Galil AR)
Gator Mesh (M249)
Teardown (FAMAS)
Silver Quartz (Five-SeveN)
Acid Fade (SSG 08)

Nitro (M4A1-S)

The Train Collection (15)

Urban DDPAT (UMP-45)
Colony (Dual Berettas)
Polar Camo (G3SG1)
Forest Night (Five-SeveN)
Polar Mesh (Nova)
Urban Dashed (PP-Bizon)
Candy Apple (MAC-10)
Urban DDPAT (M4A4)
Metallic DDPAT (MAG-7)
Metallic DDPAT (P250)
Carbon Fiber (SCAR-20)
Ash Wood (P90)
Urban Rubble (Desert Eagle)
Amber Fade (Sawed-Off)
Red Quartz (Tec-9)

Cases themes

The Arms Deal Collection (9)

Lightning Strike (AWP) Wings (AUG)
Ultraviolet (SG 553) Case Hardened (AK-47)
Hypnotic (Desert Eagle) Dragon Tattoo (Glock-18) Dark Water (USP-S)
Skulls (MP7) Dark Water (M4A1-S)
Slide arms
The Arms Deal Collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The eSports 2013 Collection (9)

Death by Kitty (P90) Boom (AWP)
Memento (MAG-7) Orange DDPAT (Galil AR)
Doomkitty (FAMAS) Splash (P250) Orange DDPAT (Sawed-Off)
Faded Zebra (M4A4) Red Laminate (AK-47)
Slide esports
The eSports 2013 Collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Bravo Collection (15)

Overgrowth (USP-S) Graphite (AWP)
Demeter (G3SG1) Shattered (Galil AR)
Wave Spray (SG 553) Fire Serpent (AK-47)
Bone Pile (UMP-45) Graven (MAC-10) Ocean Foam (P2000)
Black Limba (Dual Berettas)
Zirka (M4A4) Golden Koi (Desert Eagle) Emerald Dragon (P90)
Bright Water (M4A1-S) Tempest (Nova)
Slide bravo
The Bravo Collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3

The Arms Deal Two Collection (12)

Blood in the Water (SSG 08)
Serum (USP-S) Blood Tiger (M4A1-S)
Hypnotic (MP9) Cold Blooded (P90)
Hemoglobin (Dual Berettas) Hive (P250) Hexane (FAMAS)
Case Hardened (Five-SeveN) Graphite (Nova)
Blue Titanium (Tec-9) Crimson Web (SCAR-20)
The Arms Deal Two Collection
WikijayAdded by Wikijay

The Winter Offensive Weapon Case Collection (13)

Asiimov (M4A4) Sandstorm (Galil AR)
Kami (Five-SeveN) Pulse (FAMAS) Marina (Dual Berettas)
Cobalt Halftone (PP-Bizon) The Kraken (Sawed-Off)
Mehndi (P250) Redline (AWP)
Rising Skull (Nova) Guardian (M4A1-S)
Magma (M249) Rose Iron (MP9)
Slide wintercase
Winter Offensive Weapon Case
Yong fengAdded by Yong feng

The Esports Winter Case (12)

Blue Laminate (AK-47) Afterimage (FAMAS)
Electric Hive (AWP)
Blind Spot (P90) Cobalt Disruption (Desert Eagle) Water Sigil (PP-Bizon)
Azure Zebra (G3SG1) Steel Disruption (P250) Nightshade (Five-SeveN)
Blue Titanium (Galil AR) X-Ray (M4A4)
Ghost Camo (Nova)
The Epsort Winter Case
The Esport Winter Case
KogtAdded by Kogt


The Alpha Collection (16)

Emerald (SCAR-20) Groundwater (MP7)
Anodized Navy (AUG) Spitfire (FAMAS)
Rust Coat (PP-Bizon) Jungle (XM1014)
Anodized Gunmetal (Five-SeveN) Facets (P250) Dry Season (MP9)
Mosaico (Sawed-Off) Hazard (MAG-7)
Palm (Negev)
Tornado (Tec-9) Jungle DDPAT (M249)
Mayan Dreams (SSG 08) Sand Dune (Glock-18)
Slide alpha
The Alpha Collection
Irv1n3Added by Irv1n3


  • "ERROR",  "USER" and "UNKWN" (unknown) appears on StatTrak counters when any players other than the owner is holding the gun with it.
  • StatTrak counters on knives are represented as etchings into the blade.
  • It is unclear if the original Weapon Case 1 and skins from the initial collections are still available as drops,following the release of the Arms Deal Two Case.
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