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Spetsnaz selection hud
Team Counter-Terrorists
Origin Russian flag Russia

The Russian Spetsnaz is a Counter-Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike (Xbox)Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

Official Description

The primary missions of the Russian Spetsnaz are acquiring intelligence on major economic or military installations and either destroying them or putting them out of action, organizing acts of sabotage or subversion, carrying out punitive operation against rebels, and forming and training insurgency detachments.


Deleted Scenes Uniform

Spetsnaz wear a variety of uniforms depending on mission.


  • Standard: Gray-camouflaged combat fatigues, with Russian sailor inner shirt and paired with a Kevlar Assault Suit with the word "Spetsnaz" in Russian written in the back.
  • Winter: White combat fatigues with black Kevlar.
  • Desert: Desert-camouflaged fatigues with black Kevlar.
  • Jungle: Jungle-camouflaged fatigues.


  • Standard: Winter-camouflaged helmet with red star and wears black balaclava.
  • Commander: Blue beret with Spetsnaz batch.
  • Other operatives:
    • Winter-camouflaged helmet without the balaclava.
    • White helmet with balaclava.



  • The game file name for this player model is "spetsnaz".
  • This faction is recommended to use when playing in snow terrain maps like Office, Vostok, or Survivor due to their white and gray camouflage clothing.
  • This model may be randomly chosen for the player in the Tour of Duty mode. Moreover, bots do not use this model in this mode but they may randomly choose it in multiplayer mode if they do not have a preferred model.
  • In real life, Spetsnaz only use Russian-made weapons, such as the AK-47. In-game, they can freely purchase other weapons, such as the Maverick M4A1 Carbine.
    • In Deleted Scenes, the Spetsnaz are never seen using the M4A1. Instead, they wield the AK-47, despite the rifle being Terrorist exclusive in-game.

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