Primary weapon Scouthud cz
Secondary weapon Glock18hud cz
Skill Low
Co-op Good
Bravery Low

Splinter is a fairly easy difficult sniper Terrorist bot in the Tour of Duty Campaign mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Splinter only appears in easy and normal difficulties. He is not encountered in other difficulties.


Splinter only appears in the maps Aztec and Piranesi. In other maps within Tour of Duty 3 to 6, he works as a reserved bot. He does not appear in maps of Tour of Duty 1 and 2.


Splinter appears in TidesItaly and Aztec. He works as a reserved bot in Dust and Prodigy.


Splinter's skill type is fair, which means he is 25% accurate when firing, has a reaction time of 0.4 seconds, and can detect footsteps. When facing an enemy target, he will hold fire for one second to aim.

Weapon Management

Splinter buys a Scout when he has money greater than $2750. If unaffordable, he will buy a random weapon depending on the amount of money he has. He prefers to use the Glock rather than purchasing other pistols. He uses the Scout for long and medium ranges and the Glock for close battle.


Splinter has good teamwork. He always stay together with other teammates. In bomb defusal maps, he escorts the bomber to a bombsite.


Splinter is a quite passive bot. In hostage rescue maps, he likes to camp near the hostages. When facing more than one Counter-Terrorist, he will switch to his Glock and run away. However, if there are teammates with him, he is more willing to confront assailants.


Splinter is a member of the Sweden Arctic Avengers.

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