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De stadium cz
Creator(s) Chris Auty (Gearbox Software)
Ritual Entertainment
Turtle Rock Studios
Game(s) Csx t Cscz t
Scenario Bomb defusal
Terrorists Phoenix Connexion
Counter-Terrorists SAS
First appearance Counter-Strike (Xbox)
Last appearance Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Stadium (de_stadium_cz) is an official bomb defusal map in Counter-Strike (Xbox) and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. The map was designed by Chris Auty[1].


The conflict is taking place inside the Hackney Wick Stadium, a stadium that is located in London.

Official Description

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent the Terrorists bombing the stadium.

Terrorists: Destroy the stadium.

Other Notes: There are 2 bomb sites in this mission.


The official factions for this map are:

Tour of Duty

Main article: Stadium/Tour of Duty


  • This is one of the few maps in which bots will use the radio command "Need backup" in the situation when the bomb has been planted.
  • This map is also the only map that doesn't use the Bombsite A or B name.
    • The Bombsite A is named Kitchen, while the Bombsite B is named Lobby.
  • CT bots may have trouble reaching the Bombsite A, if they use balcony shortcut rather than taking the stairs.
  • Presetting too many bots in the map may cause the player or random bot to get spawnkilled, this can happen in both teams.
  • Currently, two unofficial Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remakes can be found on the Steam Workshop:



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