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The two-pack

The StatTrak™ Swap Tool allows the player to move a counter from one StatTrak™ weapon skin to another StatTrak™ weapon skin of the same weapon.


The StatTrak™ swap tool two-pack can be purchased from the in-game store at a price of $0.99 USD/€0.92 Euros/£0.75 GBP . The tool was released as part of the March 31, 2015 update. Purchasing the two-pack from the store will give the player two individual StatTrak™ swap tools to use.

Currently, the StatTrak™ swap tool does not work on StatTrak™ Music Kits.[1]


  • Although the player receives two individual tools, only the dual pack is available in the store.
    • Individual StatTrak™ swap tools can be bought on the Steam Market.

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  1. StatTrak swap tool not working on music kits on

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