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Stealth zone
Stealth zone
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Used for Avoiding enemy sightlines
A stealth zone is a zone in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. When reached, the white luminescent icon representing a eye covered by shadow will appear. It will disappear if the player opens fire while in it.


These stealth zones are places where players avoid enemy sight-lines, to hide their presence, and to ensure silent movement. Most missions involving these have rules to restrain from discharging a firearm. If this is ignored, the mission fails no matter what.

Some of these are even paired with the snake-wire cam zone to monitor enemy presence. Pairing with the welding torch area, this could mean the player must act quick and get inside after the door is destroyed with a torch, or just hide when enemies come and investigate.

Tactics while in the zone

  • AVOID being spotted or the mission fails.
  • If with a blowtorch zone, ACT fast and silent.
  • DO NOT OPEN FIRE!, as this could attract attention and failure. The same applies to the usage of knife or gadgets.
  • In the mission where stealth is not necessary (i.e. High Rise), a stealth area can be entered to give the player the upper hand against the terrorists. Enemies (such as Truth in Chaos and Downed Pilot) may not attack the player even if they are in plain sight until the player attacks or moves out the stealth zone while still in the view of terrorists.
  • Using the snake camera is okay as you can monitor the area.

Missions with stealth zones