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Stealth zone
Stealth zone
Game(s) Csczds t
Used for Avoiding enemy sightlines
A stealth zone is a zone in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. When reached, the white luminescent icon representing a eye covered by shadow will appear. It will disappear if the player opens fire while in it.


These stealth zones are places where players avoid enemy sight-lines, to hide their presence, and to ensure silent movement. Most missions involving these have rules to restrain from discharging a firearm. If this is ignored, the mission fails no matter what.

Some of these are even paired with the snake-wire cam zone to monitor enemy presence. Pairing with the welding torch area, this could mean the player must act quick and get inside after the door is destroyed with a torch, or just hide when enemies come and investigate.

Tactics while in the zoneEdit

  • AVOID being spotted or the mission fails.
  • If with a blowtorch zone, ACT fast and silent.
  • DO NOT OPEN FIRE!, as this could attract attention and failure, the same applies to the usage of knife or gadgets.
  • In the mission that stealth is not necessary (i.e. High Rise), stealth area can be entered to give the player the upperhand against the terrorists.
  • Using the snake camera is okay as you can monitor the area.

Missions involving stealth zonesEdit

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