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The Steam Community Market, commonly known as the Steam Market, is an in-game item trading service provided by Valve and is available to all users of Steam. Steam users are able to use the Steam Market to buy or sell in-game items with/for their Steam wallet funds.

All items found in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, such as containers, skins and stickers, as well as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trading cards, can be traded through the Steam Market, with the exception of stock weapons and "Not Marketable" items from the inventory of players.

After purchasing, obtained items cannot be traded or sold within one week. In addition, when selling an item, 5% of the funds are sent to Valve.


  • On 1 May, 2015, the Steam market suffered from a currency conversion error. The value of USD was confused with Rupiah (Indonesian currency). As such, non-Indonesian sellers were heavily affected as some items became worth $2 million dollars in USD and many other items, such as CS:GO knives which are usually valued around $100 or more, were sold/bought for only 3 USD cents.  Shortly after this error, Steam quickly disabled the trading system and market until further notice. The issue has since been resolved.[1]

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