De storm
Creator(s) Daank
Game(s) Cs t
Scenario Bomb defusal
First appearance Counter-Strike 1.3
Last appearance Counter-Strike 1.6

Storm (de_storm) is an official bomb defusal map.

It is used as an official map on Counter-Strike, and it can be played on Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, much like every other official Counter-Strike map.

Since the map contains dark wide corridors, which is perfect for ambushes, and confusing passageways, it is one of the less popular bomb defusal maps.

Official Description

Counter-Terrorists: Protect weapons crates. These weapons are to be delivered to an allied country threatened by terrorists.

Terrorists: There is an attempt to arm a small country your faction wishes to attack for the political reasons. Stop the weapons from reaching them.

Other Notes: There are 2 stashes of weapon crates in this mission.


  • If the bomb successfully detonates, it is possible to see an AK-47 lying around in the aftermath. However, it cannot be picked up because it is a part of the gibs entity rather than existing as an actual weapon entity and it will disappear within a few seconds.
  • This is one of the few maps in which the Night vision goggles are useful and the scale of the map makes it a good map for snipers.
  • Daank, the author of the map, made a second version[1][2] to fix many of the gameplay/technical issues. The author also added new textures and more routes but the map was never made official.
  • Currently, three unofficial Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remakes can be found on the Steam Workshop:



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