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Sucide belt
Suicide belt
Alternate name(s) Kamikaze bomb
Usage Eliminating enemies

The suicide belt is a belt that is used by some hostile NPCs in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes. Hostiles wearing this belt run up to the player and trigger an explosion in an attempt to kill the player. Sometimes, there will be more than one suicide bomber at once. Killing them becomes a high priority as they can do a lot of damage.

Appearances in Deleted ScenesEdit

NPCs using the suicide belt are most frequently found in levels that feature the Elite Crew like Recoil and Alamo. They are also found in Lost CauseBuilding Recon and Turn of the Crank.


  • A bug can occur when the AI is killed while triggering the weapon, this bug causes the device to explode even after the enemy's death.


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