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Creator(s) Alexander Manilov
Game(s) Cscz t (cut)
Scenario Bomb defusal

Terminal (de_terminal)[1] was a bomb defusal map that was featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero during its development.


A bus terminal served as the playing grounds for this strictly indoors map.[2] The terminal had a very modern look, with spacious connecting paths and some shops scattered about.[3]


Terminal was designed by Alexander Manilov while Gearbox Software was developing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.[4] A real life bus terminal, Port Authority in New York City, was used as inspiration when modeling the map though direct resemblance was avoided.[2]

The map made its first media appearances in 2002, suggesting that Manilov started designing the map after being mostly finished with his other map, Pipeline.

When Ritual Entertainment took over development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, the map was presumably scrapped and was thus not included in the final release of the game.


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