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Terrorists, commonly referred to as Ts, are one of the two forces featured in all of the Counter-Strike games. They are often perceived as the "bad guys" or "antagonists" opposite of the good guys, the Counter-Terrorists.

Background-wise, the Terrorists are militants, fundamentalists or those who fight for their religious or political beliefs. To achieve their intentions, they commit acts of inhumane crimes, such as bombing a place with highly explosive C4 or holding people hostage. The Counter-Terrorists will try to stop them at all costs.

Their traits include much more powerful weapons, as well as their smaller, but cheaper armament.

Prior to Global Offensive, the team color for the Terrorists was red. In Global Offensive, it was changed to yellow.


Winning conditions vary for each scenario. Despite the scenario, the Terrorists will prevail if all Counter-Terrorists are eliminated.


  • Assassinate the assigned VIP.

Hostage rescueEdit

  • Prevent the Counter-Terrorists from rescuing the hostages.

Bomb defusalEdit



Terrorists can use all equipment featured in the Counter-Strike series, besides the Defusal kit and the Rescue kit. Several weapons are exclusive to the Terrorists but can be picked up and used by the Counter-Terrorists.

Exclusive weapons available for purchase to the Terrorists (Contents in Italics are exclusive to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive):

The exclusive weapons that the Terrorists can purchase generally inflicts higher damage and are cheaper compared to Counter-Terrorist exclusive weapons. However, these weapons have higher recoil and are less accurate.


Most terrorist organizations depicted are either completely fictional or based on Terrorist archetypes. The Yakuza and the Separatists are based on their real-life counterparts.


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