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Escape zone icon
Escape zone
Game(s) Beta Cs t Cscz t
Used for Escaping as the Terrorists

The Terrorist escape zone is the target location for the Terrorists in the Escape scenario. It was to be featured in the escape scenario that was cut from the final version.

Similar to the hostage rescue zone and the VIP escape zone, the goal for the terrorists is to reach the zone. If most of the Terrorists reach the zone, their team will win the round. Previously, Terrorists who reached the zone would despawn, however this was removed. The zone had an icon which was the letter E, similar to other gameplay zones.

Like the other zones, notably the VIP escape zone, at least one terrorist escape zone was located nearby the Counter-Terrorist spawn area. According to the Escape scenario map designs, there were more than one escape zones. In Jail and Frantic, there were two escape zones while Trinity had three zones.