Thin Ice
18:48 hours
SS Glider
Arctic Ocean

Player briefed via radio

Officer: They are too well armed for us to get any gunships to your location. This is a one-man show. You only have 15 minutes to shut down the engines before the momentum of the ship will plough it right to the city! If that ice breaker of that size hits land at that speed, it's reactors will definitely go critical!

In the engine room

(Engines have been shut down)

Officer: Good job! The engines are disabled. You bought yourself some time but the boat is still on course! You need to get to the bridge and change the heading.

At the Bridge

(The heading has been changed)

Officer: The boat is no longer heading for shore. NOW! don't let those hijackers get away!!

(When the enemy spots the player approaching)

Terrorist: I found an intruder over here!

(Player grabs AWSM from a dead enemy and use it to shoot down the Harrier)

(After being destroyed)

Officer: Excellent work, comrade. You are a graded to the motherland.


Thin Ice by THE CASTLE, level designer from Ritual Entertainment

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