• So here's this piece of information I found on multiple weapon page:

    IDF Defender: "This is one of four weapons that cannot fire underwater, with the others being the FAMAS, XM1014, and the Leone 12 Gauge Super."

    I found this in the Trivia and decided to move it to the Gameplay section because I figured that it might be a notable gameplay fact. But I don't seem to remember any official CS maps having water deep enough to submerge you and make you go underwater.

    So I have a question: Is this a notable enough of a fact to deserve being placed in the gameplay section?

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    • You forgot as_oilrig and de_survivor...

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    • OK, but is it notable enough to be mentioned in gameplay?

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    • I suppose it is, since Valve had programed this for whatever reason. Otherwise, they would had made all firearms be able to shoot underwater, or not.

      But, like Wuzh said, there's no official CS map that has deep water for any weapon to be fired underwater. Thus, I think Wuzh's decision to move all facts regarding if a weapon can fire underwater or not to the gameplay section appropriate. It should be mentioned, saying how only a few weapons cannot be fired underwater or something similar.

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    • Well, I've moved them all to the overview section. It fits my idea that "If it's about gameplay then it's not trivial", so I'm sticking with it.

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