• Our featured pages are not actually good pages. They are a selection of random pages from all over the wiki listed on the main page just because we need some content on the main page. The maps are the Operation maps from Operation Bloodhound two years ago.

    This is not how featured pages work. Featured pages are supposed to be the best written pages on a wiki, and are not just chosen by random to get more stuff on the main page. We need to have some quality judgement guidelines on how we select featured pages. If we don't, then we appear as amateurs as our featured quality pages are tiny pages like Flip Knife or Rails. (which is also a stub)

    Even if we don't use the democratic voting that other wikis might use to determine which of the pages are suitable for featured page quality due to this wiki's low population, we can still at least have some featured article quality guideline to make sure the listed featured pages won't be stubs and low-quality pages.

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