• Personally, I think these sections are useless. They are trying to describe aspects of the weapon in very awkward ways, loosely divided into "the good and the bad". Things like these should just be stated in the Overview section.

    Or maybe we can just rework them into some sort of "overall weapon property description". I dunno. The current bullet point format just won't work because it's trying to divide a whole weapon into numerous disconnected parts that gives a weak reflection of how a weapon performs overall.

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    • Sounds good to me.

      Let’s see what others think.

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    • I totally agree. The less bullet point lists in an article, the better.

      As a related side note, I really think the Wiki needs some kind of manual of styles for each type of article (weapon, map, faction, etc.) which would define the overall look and what content goes under which heading for each of these. Currently it's pretty obvious that every editor has their own idea of what each section of an article entails, especially for the less obvious ones (e.g. Overview or Behind the Scenes), which makes articles quite inconsistent in where specific information is written.

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    • One more reason I want to move them is that most of the time they are in the properties section of the page. I think properties should be only about facts about the weapon, without even a bit of the subjectivity that could come from calling aspects of the weapon good or bad.

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    • I guess it is time to spruce up the weapon articles. It does make sense for some weapon articles to receive this change as it can reduce the amount of space needed. However, some overview sections are longer than the advantages/disadvantages section, like the AWP article (which may need a cleanup now that I mentioned it). Unless previously stated, it would be rather redundant to add the advantages/disadvantages section to the overview section thus I think a lot of overview sections will need to be rewritten which could take a lot of work.

      Maybe the advantage notes could be listed in the gameplay/tactics section for usage and disadvantages for the counter-tactics.

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    • Thinking about it again, merging the advantages/disadvantages section to the overview might not be necessary. What probably is necessary however is a major major clean-up.

      Let me give some more background for what I had thought that need to be changed. Before I made this forum post, I saw these following advantages and disadvantages for XM1014:


      • High damage at close range
      • High rate of fire for a shotgun
      • Can instantly kill unarmored opponents (prior to Global Offensive)
      • Lightweight (prior to Global Offensive)
      • Fairly cheap compared to other weapons (in Global Offensive)
      • High kill reward ($900)


      • Useless at long ranges
      • Less pellets per shot compared to other shotguns (7 vs. 8)
      • Low damage per pellet
      • High recoil
      • Cannot fire underwater
      • Quite heavy (in Global Offensive)
      • Very expensive for a shotgun (in older games)
      • Quite expensive for a shotgun (in Global Offensive)
      • Only weapon that cannot instantly kill unarmored opponents (in Global Offensive)
      • Low clip size compared to rate of fire
      • Low damage for a shotgun (in Global Offensive)

      This section originally struck me as being quite... messy. It is simultaneously "Very expensive" and also "Quite expensive" for a shotgun in different games, while also being "Fairly cheap" when compared to other weapons. It has high damage at close range, low damage per pellet and low damage for a shotgun in Global Offensive. I originally thought that this is just poor writing and should better be merged.

      However, after rethinking about it, I began to see how these statements aren't actually wrong, given how most of them are fitted with contexts in which a single stat would be viewed differently. I'm not quite sure how to fix this, since while they aren't wrong, I don't particularly find them easy to read. Counter-Strike is a complex game with many variable metagame situations, and I just don't think that our current format is very effective at discussing these things.

      Or I'm just irrationally annoyed by our current format since I just recovered from a fever. I dunno.

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    • Looking at it more and hopefully making a more coherent post, the advantages/disadvantages section is pretty outdated and it is messy, so it's not just you. I think there has to be a separate section/table for different versions of the weapon. It's clear the XM1014 had changed a lot in CS:GO and the changes should be documented elsewhere. They just need a revision, not deletion as I hate to see vital info from others' contributions being deleted.

      Maybe it should be renamed/put into "Gameplay mechanics" or something, and there should be a CS:GO tag affiliated with it. Not sure either, but the bullet format can't stay with it being way too long.

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