Timm Stokke
Timm Stokke
Born April 15, 1982
Nationality Norway flag Norwegian
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ Mr?

Timm Stokke is a level designer for the Counter-Strike Beta. He is the creator of Desert.


Originally from Norway,[1] Timm Stokke fell in love with computer games in 1995.[2] Before getting involved with level design, Timm was involved with a variety of Quake related websites. The earliest of these was Inside.QC (later renamed to Inside 3D), which he founded in early 1997.[3] Stokke also served as the webmaster for a website called Metropolis, which was devoted to a Quake bot.[4]

The first map that Timm Stokke designed was for Action Quake 2 and was called Welcome to the Jungle.[5] It was released in August 1998.[6] He also released another map called Teamin' in da Jungle for the same mod only a month later.[5]

Stokke was apparently eagerly awaiting the release of Half-Life as he picked up Half-Life: Day One before the actual release of the game in Europe.[6] How Stokke got introduced to Counter-Strike is not known, but the news announcing the inclusion of his map Desert with Counter-Strike Beta 1.1 points out his previous involvement with Action Quake 2 mapping,[7] suggesting that his previous Jungle map might have attracted the attention of Jess Cliffe. Following his venture into Counter-Strike mapping, he retired from level design.

Professionally, Stokke has been working with web design and web applications since 2002.[2] In 2015, he relocated to Canada.[2]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Desert Beta Level designer 1999


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