Tom Mustaine
Tom Mustaine
Nationality Usa flag American
Title Game designer
Level designer
Aliases ■ ParadoX

Thomas Mustaine[1] was the game designer of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero at Ritual Entertainment. He also contributed to the level design of the title.


Tom Mustaine got interested in video game when playing games on the Intellivision. He later moved on to the Commodore 64 and the Amiga, picking up programming along the way. It was not until the release of Wolfenstein 3D that Mustaine realized that the PC also provided potential for games.[2]

His first attempt at designing levels was for Wolfenstein 3D as well, though he did not really get into level design until Doom.[2] His first work published at retail was a level he had designed for Master Levels for Doom II and he would also contribute to several other commercial level packs that were designed for Doom II.[2]

By the time Quake was released, Mustaine knew that he wanted to design games for a living.[3] On August 15, 1996,[1] Tom Mustaine joined Hipnotic Interactive, which was later renamed to Ritual Entertainment, and he would contribute to the level design of their first two titles.[3]

By the time Ritual Entertainment took over the development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike (Xbox) in August 2002, Mustaine had taken the role of lead designer.[3] Thus, he served as the game designer for Condition Zero.[4] He also made some contributions to the level design of the title.

Tom Mustaine would stay at Ritual Entertainment until November 2006, when he along with several other employees left the company.[5] On January 1 2007, Mustaine co-founded the video game development company Escalation Studios.[6][7]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Counter-Terrorist Training Csczds t Level co-designer 2003


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