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De torn cz
Creator(s) Nick Coombe (original author)
Matt Coombe (original author)
Gearbox Software Cscz t
Ritual Entertainment Cscz t
Game(s) Cs t Cscz t
Scenario Bomb defusal
First appearance Counter-Strike 1.3
Last appearance Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Torn (de_torn) is a bomb defusal map featured in Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Because of the restricted amounts of space, very confusing pathways, and the considerable distance between the bombsites, it is one of the less popular maps.

The map was co-designed by Matt Coombe and Nick Coombe and they were both also similarly responsible for the enhanced version included with Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.[1]

Official Description

Terrorists: Detonate a toxic nerve agent into the town's water supply that will spread to nearby cities.

Counter-Terrorists: Contain the situation. Prevent hostiles from completing their objectives.

Other Notes: There are 2 detonation targets in the town.

Condition Zero

Main article: Torn/Tour of Duty


  • A sign in the atrium indicates this map takes place in Bahçelievler, a suburban town in Turkey.
  • This map has 2 secrets/Easter eggs: [2]
    • At the Terrorist spawn zone, if a player uses noclip or enters spectator mode to access a house nearby, an overview of the map and two MAC-10s can be seen (the second one cannot be seen until the player picks up the first one).
    • 2 Military fighter jets can be seen bombing the rooftop at the Atrium.
      • Player might take minor damage if they are near the explosion, staying indoors will prevent taking damage.
      • If the script is not triggered, one can see them in spectate mode or using noclip cheat. Upon heading to the northwest direction at the Terrorist Spawn Zone, the player can see a black plate and when underneath it, a player could see 2 idle jets there.
      • To trigger this script, run down the stairs and collide with the door. Then, the jets should arrive after 45 seconds and bomb the rooftop.
  • Currently, two unofficial Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remakes can be found on the Steam Workshop:


  2. (translated)

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