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De torn cz0001 first-person view
Game(s) Cs t Cscz t
Scenario Bomb defusal

Torn (de_torn) is a map that many players in the Counter-Strike series do not highly favor, due to it's cramped map in which the bombsites are separated with complex hallways.


Torn has numerous, narrow pathways in which map is suitable for medium to close-quarters range combat map as Sniper Rifles do not provide adequate advantages in this map (except the courtyard). Shotguns, submachine guns and assault rifles can allow users to prevail against certain enemies.

The courtyard tends to have the highest amounts of snipers due to its open-spaced area.

Hot Spots


Players will often swarm around this area in pistol rounds. In later rounds, if a player armed with a sniper rifle is spotted in this area, enemies will either try to avoid the sniper or use smoke grenades/flashbangs to gain more protection from sniper and attempt to eliminate opposing assailants. However, some aggressive enemy player will prefer to shoot through to smoke, especially player that armed with semi-automatic sniper rifle, so exercise caution when traverse this area.

Far Side

Snipers are usually present here, especially when guarding the bomb if it was planted/dropped in Bombsite A. So, throw a smoke grenade or flashbangs to eliminate snipers before entering Bombsite A.

Bombsite A

Terrorists are more likely to plant the bomb here in pistol rounds if they could not counter ambushes in Bombsite B.


Snipers may be common here but they may struggle to counter groups of enemies in the enclosed area. Due to this, shotguns, submachine guns and assault rifles are commonly used this this section.

Bombsite B

Unlike most other areas of Torn, Bombsite B is a dark area and players will struggle to counter enemies in the shadows. Moreover, this section is cramped and the two entryways are often easily guarded (especially when the bomb is dropped/planted here). Due to dark and enclosed area, it is recommended to throw multiple flashbangs before entering this bombsite to plant or defuse the bomb.

Other Areas

CT Spawn Zone

Sometimes, players may use this section as a shortcut.

Terrorist Spawn Zone