Tour of Duty is a mission-based game mode in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


According to Jess Cliffe, Tour of Duty was partly inspired by sports games.

There are six tours of duty in this game mode and each tour of duty consists of three different maps. Most of the maps are taken from the original Counter-Strike maps and have been re-textured. Each map has one to three challenges that the player must achieve in order to win the map depending on the difficulty. The player team is considered defeated if the opposing team has won more than three rounds consecutively and the player is required to restart the entire challenge for the map.

The difficulties are Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert.


Tour of Duty 1

Tour of Duty 2

Tour of Duty 3

Tour of Duty 4

Tour of Duty 5

Tour of Duty 6


The Terrorists from four different factions will oppose your way. They will plant the bomb at one of the bombsites in the Bomb defusal scenario and protect the hostages from being rescued in the Hostage rescue scenario. They are divided into eight teams.

For the list of Terrorist bots and their individual statistics, see this.


The player may choose five different bot teammates to help. The bots are divided in to five groups by cost; cost 1, cost 2, cost 3, cost 4, and cost 5. The bots are only available if the player unlocks them with reputation points.

For the list of Counter-Terrorist bots and their individual statistics, see this.


Medals are awarded to the player after completing one of the difficulties.

Image Name Description
Goodconduct Good Conduct Medal Complete all Easy missions.
Bronzemedal Bronze Star Complete all Normal missions.
Silvermedal Silver Star Complete all Hard missions.
Servicemedal Department of Defense
Distinguished Service Medal
Complete all Expert missions.


  • The basis of Tour of Duty was carried on to Global Offensive operation missions.
  • In some rare cases, a glitch occurs in the first round where one or more Terrorists will die but no death count is given.

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