Pcg 0402scan trailerpark
Trailer Park
Creator(s) Christopher Auty
Game(s) Cscz t (cut)
Scenario Hostage rescue
Trailer Park (cs_trailerpark)[1] was a hostage rescue map that was featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero during its development.


The map centered around "an old fashioned American trailer park",[2] called Bayfield Place Trailer Park. Mobile homes formed the Terrorists base of operations.[3] There was an extensive sewage system under the settlement that functioned as an alternate route.[4]

The Counter-Terrorists started outside the park and had to make their way in to rescue the hostages that were being held by the Terrorists.


Trailer Park was designed by Christopher Auty when Gearbox Software was developing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.[5] Textures for the map were created by Ted Anderson.[6] Auty felt that this map was the second most complete of the three maps that he had created for Gearbox's version of the game.[6]

Despite being one of the first revealed maps and game designer Randy Pitchford's statement that it was one of his favorite maps,[5][3] only a single screenshot of the map was released during Gearbox Software's development of the game.

When development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was handed over to Ritual Entertainment, the map was presumably scrapped.


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