Mission briefing

19:04 HOURS
Briefing Meeting
Osaka, Japan

Leader: My apologies for meeting here, but this situation requires a quick resolution.

Leader: Long story short, the Shinjitsu no Konton cult are in possession of VX nerve gas and are planning on releasing it into a crowded populous.

Leader: A defecting member of their clan has divulged the location of their compound, in doing so he and many other members who are in disagreement with the cults VX plans have been held against their will.

Leader: We will be infiltrating the compound, locating and tagging all VX gas locations for the hazmat teams, and liberating as many hostages as possible.

Leader: There are some examples over there of what the VX containers should look like.

Leader: Let's get moving, time is short.

Operative 1: Let's go!

Operative 2: Let's talk later!

Operative 3Konnichi Wa! (Good afternoon)

Hostage: Is good to see you!

Mission start

19:39 HOURS
Toruko manor house
near Osaka, Japan

Leader: We'll cover you while you head for the side entrance. Once you're in position we'll hit the front.

If ignored

Leader: Didn't you hear me? You take the side entrance!


Hostage: Why are you doing this? The VX will kill us all!

Terrorist: Shut up you traitorous inu! You're lucky to still be alive.

(Radio to hazmat)

Leader: Hai(Yes), act knowledge control.

Leader: Go! Go! Go!

Terrorist: Who's over there?

Terrorist: Intruders! Over here!

Terrorist: Kuso, they are getting in! Lock us down!

Hostage rescue

Hostage: I just don't know when it all went so wrong. I know there are at least 5 others being held hostage. I can make it out from here myself. Be careful.

Hostage out

Okano: Hostage has been rescued.


Terrorist 1: No one will oppose our cause once this plan is put in motion.

Terrorist 2: Absolutely... the world will be forced to listen the truth.

Terrorist 3: When will it start?

Terrorist 1: Soon enough, soon enough...

Okano coming

CNC: Okano is moving in behind you. Bring hostages directly to him for extraction.

Hostage dead, mission fails

CNC: What do you mean you lost a hostage?! Baka! (Stupid)

Okano talks

Okano: Bring me the hostages.

Okano: Get Going! There are still hostages that need assistance!

Okano: We've got all the hostages, but there's still more VX to be located.

Sniper attack

CNC: We're pinned down by sniper fire from the courtyard balcony. Take him out!

Sniper dead

CNC: Thanks for the help with the sniper. Proceed through the house with caution.

Backroom sequence

Hostage: You shouldn't do this! It doesn't help our cause.

Terrorist: What do you know turncoat? You obviously don't take our cause too seriously.

Terrorist: I don't think you understand the ramifications of releasing the VX here...the death toll will be...

Terrorist: Exactly...the death toll will be catastrophic. Not sit down!

Terrorist: They are coming! Get those barrels on the truck!

Terrorist: They're at the door, get moving! The truth must prevail!

(When the enemy spots the player approaching)

Terrorist: Intruders! Release the VX gas now!

Terrorist: Release the gas! Our plan will be complete!


CNC: You should be approaching an area with VX containers.

Hazmat messages

Hazmat: Location noted. Keep looking, there should be more.

Hazmat: Location noted. That should be all for this area. The rest should be in a garage at the back of the compound.

CNC: Make sure all the VX has been identified in this area. Use your radio to alert the Hazmat teams.

The hostages

CNC: Make sure you've gotten all the hostages out.

Okano: I'll get her out of here.

Okano: I'll take care of him.


CNC: Nice work so far. All known hostages have been extracted and you've tagged all VX in your area. Proceed into the rest of the compound.

CNC: Make sure you've located all VX containers and removed all hostages before proceeding further. We don't want to miss anything

If player died

CNC: All units, report in! Unit is down, repeat unit is down!


Terrorist: The truth will prevail! You will die like the rest!


Mr. Clean: Talk is easy, action is difficult. Yet action is easy, true understanding is difficult

Kanaeda: Shut up, Russell!

Kiltron: What do you mean we're done? I'm still missing art assets!

Castle: @#$!! There's no chicken in this chicken-fried steak!

Psyko: Shut up, Russell!

Weasl: hmmm?

Levelord: You're not supposed to be here

Paradox: Ship It!

Unknown: Oh, you shouldn't have done that!


Truth in Chaos by Todd "Mr.CleaN" Rose, level designer from Ritual Entertainment.

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