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Turn of the Crank
Czds turncrank
Deleted Scenes Mission
Setting17:00 HOURS
Highway Village
Modesto, California
Counter-Terrorist AgencyModesto SWAT
OverviewIt is suspected that an urban drug ring conducts its operation from within this Modesto neighborhood. The ringleader, Moses Sepulveda has been spotted and is believed to be inside the residence.
Main objectivesEnter the building.
Deliver the suitcase to druglord.
Neutralize any opposition.
Eliminate Moses Sepulveda.

Turn of the Crank is the tenth mission in the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes storyline. It is the first appearance of SWAT and fourth appearance of the Guerrilla Warfare.


Deviating from the somewhat exotic (and blocky) locales the player has fought in, this mission takes place in suburban Modesto, California, in a police bust of a local drug dealership.


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The mission starts with the player, armed with a briefcase containing money and a listening device, to be delivered to a certain dealer: Moses Sepulveda, who is the drug baron of the Californian Drug Cartel. The player must give the briefcase to supelveda. Once given, Moses admires the money, but the signal is given for the SWAT to move in, the player is blinded, manages to get an AK-47, the SWAT Team secures the area. Then the player moves on, once inside the warehouse, he picks up an M60 Machinegun and ammo for it then fights the enemies inside. The player manages to get to Sepulveda's office. Moses, now coked up and armed with an M60 (Resembling Tony Montana from Scarface, only that he WAS armed with an M16/203 rifle). The player has the objective to kill Sepulveda. Either finish him the normal way or remember the Scarface way, once he is killed, the mission is complete.


  1. Enter house.
  2. Give briefcase to druglord.
  3. Proceed into the warehouse.
  4. Eliminate Moses Sepulveda.


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The Counter-Terrorist force in this mission is the SWAT team, after the player has been blinded by a flashbang, SWAT members secure the areas. They are composed of 4 operatives (1 seen in the room where Moses was standing, and 3 in the player's entry point). All SWAT members are equipped with M4A1 carbines.


The terrorist faction for this mission is Californian terrorist which wear the same outfit with the Guerrilla Warfare. The terrorists must protect Moses Sepulveda from being killed and cover the warehouse from being captured by the SWAT team.

Weapon & EquipmentEdit


The only equipments available at the very beginning are:

Icon Equipment
W briefcase closed Briefcase
W kevlar ds Kevlar Vest


After been ambushed, the player is given several weapons that are:

Icon Weapon Ammo/Amount
P228hud cz P228 13 / 52 .357 ds


The only discovered weapons that the player can use are:

Icon Weapon Ammo/Amount Where to Found
Ak47hud cz AK-47 30 / 90 Hud 7.62 cz Allocated at a room behind Moses stood before the ambush! On the washing machine.
W m60 M60 100 / 200 Hud 7.62 cz Found where a terrorist stood by passable via other side

Ammunition & Medical KitEdit


The ammunition available in this mission are:

  • 7.62×51mm NATO - For AK-47, there are five small magazines and four large magazines can be found. For M60, only two small magazines can be found.(Two more can be seen, but they are unobtainable)
  • .357 SIG - There are three small magazines and four large magazines can be found for P228.

Medical KitEdit

There are four Medical Kits and five Wall-attached Medical Kits available, several Kevlar vests can be found throughout the level.


  • Moses Sepulveda is based on Tony Montana from Scarface. They share a similar suit, as well as an activity and a final fight scene.
  • There is the default model for a young Japanese girl walking down the street, if you wait on the front steps for a short amount of time.
  • The doorbell has a bloody handprint on it.
  • It takes three maps to build this mission.
  • There are five music songs had been composed for this mission.
  • Mission complete music is used in Condition Zero in Tour of Duty Campaign when the player win a round.
  • The player is given all types of ammunition when the fighting has started.
  • There is an enemy using an M2 Browning Machine Gun during this mission. However, the player cannot use it.
  • The SWAT team's classes is modeled after the Navy SEALs uniform.
  • It is possible to keep the SWAT team member alive, although he will not follow you anyway.
  • If the player is to use the console command to get a weapon at the intro, the guard will attack at the player. However, if the player presses the "USE" key, the guard will still say something to the player.
  • This is the only the mission in which the player is not acquired with a knife.
  • When the Player Interacts with one of the terrorist using the "USE" key it will speak a word that is also said by some Scientist before the incident in the Game Half-Life, but it was changed from "Were'nt you suppose to be in the test chamber half an hour ago?" to "Are'nt you suppose to be here half an hour ago?".


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