It has come to our attention that vandalism has been occurring on the pages related to the recently discovered unimplemented items found in the game files. We are aware that such inclusions that may be upcoming content, concern us all in different ways. As a reminder to both readers and contributors:

  • All items such as the ExoSuit, the Breach Charge, the Adrenaline and the Health Shot contain speculation within their articles and should be read with caution.
  • We have absolutely no idea how all of these items will or would have fit in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive context and gameplay wise. Valve does not share its plans with us as we are not affiliated with them in any way aside from us being fans of their games. As such, whether or not they are cut or will be implemented in the nearest future is entirely in Valve's hands.
  • Vandalizing these articles will in no way change Valve's plans, they just make readers and contributors' experience harder.

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