Today I went to the history page of Counter-Strike, clicked the "500 revisions per page" button, scrolled to the bottom and clicked the first revision. I then read through the history of the page.

It was quite an interesting ride really. You can really see how this wiki had grown from its small beginnings at July 5, 2005 to where we are today. How little was done in the first five years and how 2010 was when the wiki had really started, with a huge boom in the amount of information and edits. Editors came and went. Templates appeared and disappeared. Large chunks of information were added and then deleted years later.

Reading through history is quite fun, I have to admit. It just feels satisfying to watch those large chunks of phrases and typos rewritten with concision and their grammar fixed. Once in a while, you might just see some info that somehow didn't survive to today, but in retrospect they looked quite notable to be included in this wiki.

Wiki-archaelogy shows some interesting things. More people should take a look at it.

When the wiki started, this is apparently everything on the front page.

What is Counter-Strike?

Counter-Strike, otherwise simply known as CS, is a modification (MOD) of Valve Corporation's first-person shooter Half-Life.

Now look at where we are now, and think about how much we've done.

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