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Valve's Gift Grab 2011
Usage Event Pickup

The Valve's Gift Grab 2011 is a unique pickup that was only used in Winter 2011 event with same name in Counter-Strike: Source.


The present is a rotating gift featuring Counter-Strike Source's logos with a yellow bow.

The present can be collected by simply walking through it.

The gift appears only when a player dies. When an enemy player dies, a special sound will play.


It appeared as part of the 2011 Winter sale.

The event occurred in other Valve games such as 'Day of Defeat: Source', 'Team Fortress 2' and 'Left 4 Dead 2' with minor differences (the gift had each game's respective logo).

As the event occurred 5 years ago, it is impossible to obtain the gift and the achievement that goes with it.


Valve Gift Grab 2011 – CSS css Valve Gift Grab 2011 – CS:S
Collect three gifts dropped by opponents.


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