Primary weapon Ak47hud cz
Secondary weapon P228hud cz
Skill Ok
Co-op Good
Bravery Bad

Vandal is a Terrorist featured in the Tour of Duty mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Vandal appears in normal, hard and expert difficulties. He is not encountered in easy difficulty.


Vandal appears in Tour of Duty 5 and 6. In Tour of Duty 5, he appears on Aztec and Airstrip.


Vandal appears from Tour of Duty 2 until Tour of Duty 4. In Tour of Duty 1, he works as a reserved bot.


Vandal only appears in Tour of Duty 1.


Vandal's skill type is tough, which means he is 60% accurate when firing, and has a reaction time of 0.3 seconds. When facing an enemy target, he will hold fire for 0.35 seconds. He will aim for the head in close battles, the chest at medium range, and crouches, attacking anywhere from the chest to the head, at long range.

Weapon Management

Vandal buys an AK-47 for a primary weapon and the P228 for a secondary weapon, only if he has a large amount of money. If unaffordable, he buys a Galil and then a MP5 Navy as substitutes. He will pick up a M4A1 if discovered and uses the silencer.


Vandal has good teamwork. He always stay together with other teammates. In bomb defusal maps, he escorts the C4 carrier to a bombsite.


Vandal is a very passive bot. He will retreat after spotting some enemies then finds another way to strike from behind. In hostage rescue maps, he prefers to camp near the hostages.


Vandal is a part of the Middle Eastern Elite Crew.


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