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Weapon Name Announcement is unreleased or cut feature from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta.


Information can to be found in csgo_english.txt and still remain in retail version of the game.

"SFUI_Weapon_Name_VO"				"Weapon Name Announcement"

Feature name suggesting that if player pick up/swap to weapon or equipment the "Announcer" says name of weapon what player pick up.

Weapon name Voiced name
Five-SeveN Five-SeveN, Five-SeveN USG
АK-47 AK-47, CV-47
AWP AWP, Magnum Sniper Rifle.
AUG Bullpup
FAMAS Clarion
Glock 18 Cobra 18, Glock
G3SG/1 D3/AU-1.
Desert Eagle Deagle.
Dual Berettas Dual Berretas
P90 ES C90
P250 Exiter 250
Galil Galil ACE 22, IDF Sentinel 22
Negev IDF Firestorm
MP7 KM Sub 7
SG553 Krieg 556,SIG 556
Nova Leone Eclipse
XM1014 Leone YG1265
M4A1 M4A1
SCAR-17 MK 17, Mark 17,Scarab Carabine 17
SCAR-20 MK 20, Mark 20, Scarab DMR-20
PP-Bizon Medved-19
P2000 P2000
Unknown Rapier USG
MAG-7 Riot-7
Sawed-Off Sawed-Off Shotgun
Steyr ? Schmidt Enforcer, Steyr Guardian
SSG 08 SSG 8
Unknown Stryker
Zeus x27 Zeus, Taser

List contains fictional weapons names like it was in previous games.

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